Speaker Permit Deadline

August 15, 2020

As per the event licensing rules and regulations of the government of Abu Dhabi which places an emphasis on processing event licenses and collecting key information from functions across the emirate, including agendas, participants, speakers, set-up dates and locations, among others. The new service will cover all entertainment, sports, art, culture, education, tourism, health, and any other events relating to these fields.

The event organizers are required to register all their events on the event licensing system website and obtain a speaker permit for all presenters participating at WONCA 2020. It is the responsibility of all presenters to ensure the submission of the required documents before the deadline. Without obtaining a speaker permit, presenters will not be included and the presentation slot will have to be cancelled.

Speaker Permit FAQ:

What is a speaker permit?

This permit is required for any person who will speak, present or provide a training course during an event in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

The documents required to process this permit is collected by the conference secretariat and submitted to the relevant authorities for processing.

What are the documents required to process a speaker permit?

For events in Abu Dhabi

1. Biography (minimum 1,500 characters)

2. Passport size photograph

3. Completed ADTCA Form (Please click here to download the form)

4. Scanned Passport copy (must be a scanned colored copy)

5. Visa Page copy (must be a scanned colored copy) for UAE Residents

6. Emirates ID both sides (must be a scanned colored copy) for UAE Nationals & Residents

When do I need to submit the documents to process the speaker permit?

The deadline is published on the conference website’s important dates page.

It is imperative that the documents are submitted to the conference secretariat well before the deadline in order for the speaker permit to be issued in ample time and avoid any delays.

Will I be notified about the status of my speaker permit application?

Applications are submitted for processing after the published deadline of submission of presenter documents. Normally, the permits are processed within 5 – 7 working days.

You will be notified as soon as the speaker permit application has been processed.

Presenters are advised not to make firm purchases of air tickets and/or hotel accommodation until the speaker permit has been issued, otherwise, presenters will be doing so at own responsibility without any financial liability to the conference.

I only have poster presentations. Do I need a speaker permit?

Poster presenters do not require a speaker permit.

Only oral/video/workshop presenters are required to obtain the speaker permit.

Does the speaker permit also serve as an entry permit/visa to the United Arab Emirates?

No. The issued speaker permit is not a visa or an entry permit. Therefore, you must ensure you obtain the necessary visa for your arrival to the United Arab Emirates.

What happens in case the speaker permit is refused.

In case the speaker permit is refused, the accepted oral/video/workshop presentation must be withdrawn from the program unless one of the below scenarios are executed.

Scenario 1: To nominate an alternative presenter who may already have obtained the speaker permit approval and registered to attend the conference.

Scenario 2: To submit the documents for an alternate presenter who has registered to attend the conference. (Subject to conditions)

Scenario 3: The accepted abstract could be re-included in the program as a poster presentation provided the presenter confirms participation as a poster presenter. This will not require a speaker permit.